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About Us

The humble chocolate chip may be the most democratic of all American desserts; ubiquitous, traditional, delicious.


But this little cookie is also a perfect jumping off point for an endless series of experiments in flavor. There is almost no nut, fruit, spice or candy that can't be improved by the magical addition of a little brown sugar, butter and a handful chocolate chunks. 

Our mission is to make chocolate chip cookies that comfort you, surprise you, and make you fall in love with chocolate chips all over again.

Laura DeNeui and Evelyn McLean have been making cookies together since 2011. They first met when Laura hired Evelyn to make the dough and icing for her specialty sugar cookie business.


Soon after, Evelyn helped Laura open a cafe and bakery in West Los Angeles. Evelyn's idea to create a different flavor of chocolate chip cookie for every month was just a fun project, but the feedback they got from their customers convinced them to try out their cookies as a subscription service.  

In early 2018 they finally realized their dreams and opened the Chocolate Chip of the Month Club. And Laura's kitchen is still the place where all their ideas, recipes and cookies are born.