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Connecting With Cookies - The Press Release

Eleanor’s Cookies in Los Angeles is spreading smiles during this time of social isolation.

Cookies that lead the way.

Many small business owners have lost a lot of revenue during these unprecedented times. One company called Eleanor’s Cookies has come up with a way to keep the business alive. Their popular Chocolate Chip of the Month Club has endured and indeed grown while people are hunkering down to wait out the rising virus curve.

The subscriptions start at half a dozen cookies with a message sugar cookie for $49. Flavors vary every month from the classic semi-sweet chocolate chip to chili chocolate chip to oatmeal chocolate chip with new flavors being added all the time. Each order can be personalized with an encouraging quote on a sugar cookie - from “Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands” to “Write that Screenplay!”, the ideas are endless!

The owner of Eleanor’s Cookies is Eleanor’s daughter, Laura DeNeui. She and her partner like to communicate with their followers on Instagram and Facebook to promote the latest flavors and cookie themed quotes. It’s a new kind of community.

The tag line is “Delivering Smiles” and everyone could use a few more of those these days even if we can’t get together physically, we can send our love to those we miss and care about with a box of delicious cookies.

We are constantly adding new flavors and new quotes to our cookie offerings, please stop by and add to our collection!

Stay safe, stay home, stay connected.

Laura DeNeui

Eleanor’s Cookies

(310) 422-6967

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